Data Transformation Technical Intern

St. Louis, Missouri, United States Part-time

About the role:

We are looking for highly motivated applicants to participate in our Paid Summer Internship Program. The data transformation technical team is responsible for writing attributes, creating reports and working cohesively with our team of subject matter experts to ensure that Label Insight’s product attribution accurately reflects regulations and industry standards. Applicants should be detail-oriented, eager to learn, and self motivated. Knowledge of Excel and SQL are preferred. Familiarity with a programming language (Java, Python, R) is a bonus.


  • Use Google Sheets to create reports and organize data
  • Use Looker to create internal dashboards
  • Use MySQL to interact with and understand our data.
  • Assist Technical Analysts on daily operational tasks


  • Entering junior or senior year of college or recent college graduate
  • Incredible attention to detail and a drive towards high quality work
  • Interest in or familiarity with one or more of the applicable domains
    (data analysis, computer science, data science)
  • Major in a STEM field is helpful but not required


  • Gained experience working at a unique and dynamic startup company
  • Worked with visualization tool to create internal reports
  • Learned about Java, Drools, Cucumber and acceptance testing
  • Worked with MySQL to query and analyze a relational database
  • Be proficient in general database management and manipulation

Who we are:

Label Insight was founded with the mission of helping consumers understand what’s in the products they use and consume. Today, our world class, venture backed, SaaS data platform is solving transparency for the entire industry. Our team is unique because it’s comprised not only of engineers and data scientists, but food science, nutrition experts and product formulation specialists, that enable the enriched attribution capability of our tools. We’ve also attracted top senior executive talent with decades of leadership experience to help manage our rapid growth and scale. Check out more about Label Insight, our culture, and our employees here.

Our Values:

  • Transparency: We’re transparent and open about our work
  • Collaboration: We’re team players. We support and trust our co-workers, celebrate each other’s wins and learn from each other’s failures. We work to create an environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Iteration and Innovation: We’re not afraid to challenge assumptions, make suggestions for better solutions, try new ideas, or take smart risks. We challenge the status quo, and feel safe to make mistakes knowing we can learn from them rather than repeat them.
  • Intellectual Honesty and Humility: We pursue the best answer, not proving ourselves right. We are aware of our own biases and admit when we’re wrong. We’re willing to ask for help when we need it.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our own work quality, problems and solutions, and how our actions affect those around us.
  • Quality Driven: We strive for quality in our work and our approach to our role. We make data-driven decisions.